feet crushing balls

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12 ways to crush your balls

22-11-2000 0183 32 Your balls will be crushed nicely As a young man, this was one of the first ways I ever tried to hurt myself I , You also need to find a length of plastic pipe, maybe three feet in length and the wider the better You will also need a heavy ball of some kind or a rock ooo The idea is to sit on the floor, resting your...

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barefoot crushing and stomping a ball

i m crushing my marvel heros vs villians ball with my barefeet also sorry guys but, i m a guy but i do wish that was a barefoot crushing a blue ball ,...

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Busting Bull Balls Barefoot

2nd video in the seri Ashleigh crushing raw bull testicles with bare feet rocky mountain oysters crush testicles ballbusting fetish nuts, testicles testicle,...

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